Camshaft Grinding

Advances in automotive technology mean constantly changing cam shapes, materials ranging in hardness under 30 to over 60 HRC, and an array of alloying elements not necessarily chosen to make the life of the grinding wheel manufacturer easy. The Challenge of camshaft grinding has been taken on by Molemab and the results speak for themselves. Molemab is now a very experienced camshaft grinding wheel supplier for all types of camshafts ranging from the smallest Motorbike camshafts to the largest truck Diesel engine camshafts. Bearing Journals, standard cam lobes and re-entry concave cam profiles are standard applications where Molemab Vit CBN has proved itself to be a world-class product. In addition, Vitrified CBN wheels for camshaft grinding manufactured with specialized Carbon Fibre bodies manufactured in-house by Molemab complete this range of high performance product.