Quality Management

The quality management system is based on a strict internal control system, highly qualified employees and the emphasis on continuous improvement. The certificates obtained are the result of analysing customer needs and the consequent implementation of quality based processes at Molemab Inotech.

Quality policy

Innovation - Since its foundation Molemab has strived for constant improvement. Original patents, unique and custom made equipment and the most modern solutions have always characterized Molemab history. Molemab takes on the most difficult challenges: conventional wheels for the toughest applications and special superabrasive wheels reaching almost the speed of sound.

Safety - Molemab aim to guarantee its customers and partners the safest working conditions and environment. Molemab applies the strictest safety rules on work making accurate security tests in its laboratories.

Quality - The certifications achieved by Molemab in all the production facilities are the result of constant research. Molemab quality is granted by meticulous production controls together with the continuous improvement of its technicians’ skills and a scrupulous analysis of the market requirements.

Collaboration - Sharing experiences between the manufacturer and the enduser leads to the best results. The feedback exchange and dialogue are the two pillars which Molemab’s success is based on. Sharing ideas, ambitions and problems with our partners while keeping an eye on market evolution and dynamics is the key to step by step growth.